STOP!-DON’T CLEAN your speed oven!

USE ONLY the right chemicals, otherwise you’ll destroy your catalytic converter, avoid this service cost, this is the company Rapidchef uses:

Avoid a huge bill down the road

Why! – Catalytic Converter (no vent ovens)

A lot of microwave speed ovens have integral “catalytic converters” (every Rapidchef has a Cat), ordinary chemicals will eventually destroy the catalytic converter and you’ll end up with a hefty bill to replace it, if you don’t replace it, you’ll end up sending carcinogens into the general atmosphere, which you don’t want either! It just ends up being a problem you can easily avoid. 

Simple Procedure

Spend some time checking that you have a simple procedure in place for your operators, with you Cat friendly chemical, so you know you have done your best to ensure the right cleaner is used on your new or existing impingement oven. Whichever microwave model you have, most good cleaning companies supply cleaners for microwaves with catalytic converters, for all makes, if they don’t supply one-RUN AWAY. 

Chemical Providers

The Rapidchef company uses Obtainwise out of Northampton (easily found on Google or the label on the picture), buy it from them directly, there are others and your current supplier MUST have the right stuff, if not you should ask questions. I know your buying departments want to keep costs down, but not supplying/using the right chemical for microwave speed ovens will bite you on the backside, sooner or later, be very specific about what your operators use, write it into you daily cleaning schedule.

Dump Your Provider

All Rapidchef speed ovens have catalytic converters, you have chosen an excellent product for its capabilities, enabling you to use the product “front of house” in many cases and to safely avoid costly ventilation/ducting, don’t systematically plan to blow those advantages by not writing in a simple cleaning procedure with the correct chemicals-if your chemical supplier says this is not needed GET RID OF THEM!


ALL Rapidchef machines have integral catalytic converters, we supply you with the correct chemical, supplied by Obtainwise, buy it directly from them, but please buy the right chemical one way or another.

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