Credit Card Tool


The power of 10+ functional and everyday tools, in the size of a credit card tool!

  • The Credit card tool is a must have that could be used to save your life in emergency situations
  • Multipurpose tool can be used for cutting, sawing, opening canned food & bottles
  • Credit card tool is versatile for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and backup tool for first responders
  • Great for use in disaster packs, emergency kits, bug out kits, and survival


Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

The 10 features of the Credit card tool include:

1. 4 position wrench
2. Wing nut wrench
3. 2 position wrench
4. Saw blade
5. Can opener
6. Flat head screwdriver
7. Knife
8. Ruler
9. Bottle opener
10. Direction ancillary indicator

Those are the features of our credit card tool, if you care to look at any of the other accessories we have available then please visit our Pannier accessory page where we have a wide variation of products on offer. Our Pro Pannier accessories page has plenty of photographs and greater description of our products therefore, if you want to explore more then just give us a visit.


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