ENOUGH with Gear Changing!

It could be so much better, so I changed it!

I wanted to make it faster, less effort, add more control, on and off road, so I spent the last few years developing/patenting MotoProShifter, so the upshift and downshift are together.

Turns a single peg into TWO
MotoProShifter in action

MUCH less boot movement for speed and comfort

After years of riding my adventure bike, I got fed up changing gears with heavy boots, it seemed clumsy, especially when I needed to change gear quickly-off road with wheel spin, on road when someone pulls out or hundreds of BORING changes on long journeys or built up traffic.

The boot is in super close contact with both up and downshift, cuts out boot movement speeding everything up, I have been using a prototype for years and wouldn’t go back, check it out.


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