the highest quality aftermarket panniers

Aluminium Panniers

Aluminium panniers 160L
(Black below)

fits GS1250 & GSA bikes

including FRAME & HARDWARE. 

128L - Combinations


The black decal is rugged, supplied loose

128L - Combinations

Accessories? sure.

Pick from a range of Pannier accessories.

Customers reviews & gallery

"Quality product with excellent customer service, have the panniers and the shifter, can’t wait to try it all out!!"
"Having just bought a set of there moto pro panniers I was really impressed with the design and quality of the product, also great customer service, highly recommended"
"It was great to hear that one of our Scottish customers is very pleased with their full set of panniers and they sent in this image to show us how good they looked!"

the highest quality after market panniers

  • Designed to fit GS Adventure & GS1200/GS1250 (post 2013-RH Exhaust version)
  • Rugged aluminium design to match factory quality expectations
  • Side panniers have front & back locks

highest quality finish

  • Supplied with a tough frame for GS1200/GS1250/GSAdventure bikes
  • Installation frame & kit included
  • Buy the side panniers separately, to the top box.
  • 160ltr capacity

adventure bike panniers

Moto Pro Pannier introduces a full range of Adventurer bike high-quality black and aluminium panniers, aesthetically designed to match market expectations, with a large 160-litre capacity.

Moto Pro Panniers fit most Adventurer bikes. Fully lockable, water-tight and supplied with the frame kit to fit the above model.

Moto pro pannier installation

Follow this walk through to see how to install your Moto Pro Pannier, this will teach you each step that you will need.

The Best After Market Panniers Available

Designed to fit the Adventurer market styling. Rugged aluminium design to match factory quality expectations.

Designed Securely

Fully lockable boxes that can safely store your possessions and belongings. 

Highest Quality Finish

Tough high quality aluminium um alloy that is durable to stand the test of time.

Ready to Go

Existing stock availability and can be supplied to dealers with/without decals

Range of Bikes we cover

Most current BMW-GS 1200/1250 & GSA models

Installation kit & Frames

Included, tough frame and installation kit with every pannier


There are 2 variations to choose from, plain black, & aluminium, with a choice of 160 litre or 128litre capacity. 


Many optional extras, including webbing, backrest, roll top waterproof bags and decals etc sold separately in the store.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We trust in our product and we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Can i use the existing BMW frames?

No, we have designed the panniers themselves to be high quality and totally standard, which allows us to manufacturer a high quality product for a lower price, only the frames change from bike to bike.

On installation do I need to drop the exhaust ?

On the exhaust side, the frames are close to the exhaust, we recommend using a star socket and an adjustable spanner, this way you don’t need to drop the exhaust.

Are there any colour options with the frames ?

To keep production to fewer SKU numbers and the cost down, we only manufacturer them in black, famously you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black!

Can I have aluninium panniers with black decals ?

Yes, we make a set of decals for the aluminium panniers to make the look black, see above pictures, you will have an aluminium edge? Your decision, we have black decals with the tire tread on and without if you don’t want our design.

Is the GS1250/1200 frame the same as the GSA ?

The side panniers are, but the top box frame is different, so when you order be bike specific, we carry stock of all the versions, it saves you additional unnecessary redelivery costs 

Do you have smaller panniers ?

Yes we have a 128 litre full set of panniers, the top box remains a standard 50 litre, with the side panniers being the same length but much narrower.