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When putting the frame on, get all the bolts finger tight first then tighten off systematically, like a car wheel


When installing the exhaust side pannier, make sure you have the right star socket, to avoid dropping the exhaust, use the star socket and a flat spanner


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Do I need to drop the exhaust ?

You’ll need a star socket for most BMW’s, use a spanner with the start socket, its a little slow but you will be able to get it off without need to drop the exhaust.

GS1250 or GSA ?

But sure to order the bike you have, it seems obvious, but a lot of people are so used to calling their bike a GS (me included), but the GSA top box frame is different, it’ll save you a lot of time and, if you’re like me, you want to get it done, really frustrating if you have the wrong part.

Does the lock have to be open to put the pannier on ?

Yes unlock the frame lock, it can be closed, just unlock it, offer it into place and firmly clunk the pannier home, you will hear it “click” into place, then obviously lock it.

What are the small loose wires on the inside ?

Please make sure you put these on, they protect the lid from over opening, in high winds for instance, protecting the hinges.

Is it tricky to install the decals ?

The key thing with the decals is to make sure you start with a “dust free” pannier, check you have it in the right place then start from one side, gradually working you way across to avoid trapping bubbles.

If i change my bike can I take the panniers with me ?

Yes, the panniers themselves are identical from BMW to KTM, Honda etc, you may have to get a new set of bike specific frames, but this is the lowest part of the new costs.