Hi-Temp Servable Plastic Dishes

There are products on the market that will withstand 280-degree temperature on full impingement, on the left-no, on the right……..bit of a difference!

Increase your menu offer with hi-temp containers

The Rapidchef people were testing menus and we came across these hight temp containers, ordinary plastic melts when cooked in an accelerated impingement oven-anyones? But there are products on the market that will withstand 280-degree temperature on full impingement.

Offer a wider menu from your supplier

Shown here in black, available in colours (better for the environment-more later on this), allowing you to offer a wider range of products from your suppliers, giving the customer more reasons to spend time with you. By working with your food suppliers, and insisting they supply to your food products supplied in high temperature impingement containers, (there are cardboard versions also-more sustainable) allows you to widen your offer, which is more appealing to the customer and present, cook, serve a wider food offer from the same container, this has other benefits.


It also overcomes the need to double handle the product, this has three additional benefits, health & safety (the avoidance of hot product transfer, from one container to another), secondly, unnecessary wastage, (the usage of a plastic containers and plate, which is either going to be thrown away or washed. Finally costs, inevitably a plastic containers will be discarded, but we have reduced cleaning needs (or a second plastic container, which you are paying for in the long run.


Plastic is plastic, no matter what temperature it is served at, either choose high temperature cardboard (bio degradable) or non-black, because black cannot be recycled, by choosing a colour we make sure the plastic can work its way through the waste hierarchy, it is one of the easiest things we can all do together, if you pick black plastic, it cannot be recycled ANY other colour can, it is a simple decision that can remove plastic from landfill or the sea.


So, this means you can present an increased food offer, quickly, safely and in a sustained manner (Cardboard/non-black), the machine takes care of the rest, increasing your revenue offer, giving your customer more reasons to spent time with you.

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