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Getting “way more” from accelerated microwave ovens?

rapidchef ovens

The specialist oven is typically under utilised, are you missing out?

To test this, all you need is, this specialist machine and your natural creativity.

Below are just a few ideas, these machines are massively flexible, most customers use them for VERY narrow operational purposes, but you can cook virtually every menu item you have and much more, cooked, FINISHED in super quick time and beautifully brown, ready to serve.

Rapidchef accelerated microwaves, like all the best well known makes, is designed for speed, cooking presentation & colour presentation, usually your machine goes where you can get the most out it-in front of houseman, in-front of the customer.

But take some time to “rethink” how you can capitalise on the product to make more money, start with this:

Get a copy of your machines list of menus from the manufacturer, there will be thousands, Rapidchef has 1600 different items, why are these useful? Ideas, can you use them to broaden your daily offer, anything on that list could match an opportunity you may have in your facility.

Your suppliers, both the hardware and the food companies, will be have a huge range to support all your expansion ideas.

Or could you use the machine to boost your bacon/sausage/egg demand at breakfast? Put the machine “front of house” taking the pressure off the kitchen, operated at the point of sale, used by your front of house staff, performance standards set by the chefs.

Or how about going mobile, moving the machines around to different locations in your facilities, maybe to support a kiosk offer, by doing this you improve the menu offer in another area, sell a wider offer.

Or what about supporting banqueting, flashing undercooked servings or heating intensely without using the microwave (or using it of course).

Or try and think of ways of using the same machine in two different locations, saving the capital outlay, getting the most from your investment, breakfast, then to banquet, to corporate use, or if the weather cooperates, take the machine outside.

Rapidchef (and accelerated microwaves) are built for high quality speed throughput, so it is obviously a perfect match for coffee, go for an extensive menu offer with a great latte! Regularily under-utilised, missing a huge opportunity.

Hope this has been useful, there are thousands of wide offer uses for this under-utilised machine, any questions just ask.

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