About Us

Who We Are

At Bullshift we have seen it all, from building businesses, selling inventions & specialist services, into UK & global markets, through to successfully selling a multi-million-pound innovative business and products, via an MBO, then starting all over again!

We have spent over 30 years at the creative selling sharp end, we know the difficulties for the new product or service launch “first hand”, through knowledge and experience, groundbreaking multiple new business ideas successfully, multiple times.

Our products have ALWAYS needed a market-creating for them, abroad we have broken into the USA, Mexico and Canada & Europe, through a new start-up business out of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, as well as successful launches in central Europe and the Middle East

We set up Bullshift as a product-based business, we are very excited about the current direction of Bullshift.

See our Products Page for More Information on Moto Pro PanniersMoto Pro Shifter and Rapid Chef

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